About the Site

Welcome to Dunebat Country: the chronicle of my long journey of recovery from twenty years of depression, as well as my portfolio, personal writing space, and showcase site for current and future works. Site updates will occur weekly, with new content — journal entries, artwork, essays, reviews, and stories, some old and some new — appearing every Monday at Noon UTC. 

Works featured at Dunebat Country will focus on whatever subject interests me at the moment, from philosophy, religion & spirituality, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, cults, crime stories, politics, science, speculative fiction, cemetery exploration & photography, urban exploration, culture, and all things geek & Goth. These missives may range from the purely putative to the profoundly personal — in essence, observations and examinations of the stranger side of life.  


Planned Updates: 

In time, Dunebat.com may become an experimental webspace where guest writers, artists, and podcasters, new or veteran, may post whatever they wish here. No subject for literary, artistic, or other multimedia exploration will be “off-limits” here, as long as works here retain a focus on the darker aspects of human existence. Updates will appear as these plans develop. 

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