Welcome to Dunebat Country

Welcome, fellow travelers, to Dunebat Country, my personal web space, online portfolio & showcase site for current and future works, and (I hope) the in-progress chronicle of my long journey of recovery from over twenty years of depression. If you’re a first time visitor, thanks for visiting the site. I’ll post new updates every Sunday at Noon (UST)

While there isn’t much content at this site now, we have plans for growth throughout the coming year, so I hope you’ll trek with us for a while and see what develops. In the past this site served solely as a blog, but I’ve always been so bloody dreadful at keeping journals. As we venture further into 2019, the site will slowly transform it into much more than a mere journal. 

In the future, I hope to transform Dunebat Country into an experimental space where I hash through whatever plagues my brain at the moment: philosophy, theology, politics, science, criminology, parapsychology, cinematic criticism, maybe some Gothy or geeky things… any subject for literary or artistic exploration is fair game, with one overall theme: the subjects I tackle tend toward the darker, stranger side of life. The missives found here will be explorations of the darkness of everyday being, tantalizing contacts with objects grasped at in a room with all the lights off… and hopeful hints at what awaits us in the light.

For the moment, the site and all my plans for it are still in their infancy. I look forward to seeing what this darkling child grows into, and I hope you’ll stick around to see that, too.


~ Dunebat,
    West Texas, 2019

About Dunebat

Would-be scribe/scholar/saint, luftmensch, and solitary specimen of species Desmodus desertus traversing the deep dune sea of the soul. Friend to all nerds, geeks, and outcasts.
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