About Dunebat

The majestic Dunebat — Desmodus desertus, the sandy-winged desert vampire bat of West Texas — is a rare, endangered offshoot of the Desmodus genus common to the American Southwest and the Tadarida brasiliensis that occasionally roosts in Texas and New Mexico. A solitary species, the dunebat makes its home in small, cozy caverns throughout the wind-swept plains of the Llano Estacado, though oil exploration often encroaches upon its underground roosts.

A nerdy, xerophilic luftmensch and would-be scholar, scrivener, sketcher, and saint, the enigmatic webmaster of Dunebat Country is a West Texas native well-versed in creative writing and familiar with traditional illustration & computer image/video editing techniques. For the past twenty years, Dunebat has waged a twenty year battle against severe depression and anxiety, and he has finally emerged from the dark caverns within his mind to discuss his struggles, and many, many other things as well. In addition to writing and illustration, Dunebat is a professional graphics operator and director-in-training with more than a decade of experience working in West Texas broadcast news production. 


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